3 Benefits of Having Your Teeth Whitened by a Professional

Here at the office of Dr. William Gielincki, we strive to provide our patients with an unrivaled teeth whitening experience. Over time, teeth can lose their natural white color and harbor stains from the foods and beverages we consume. When this happens, regular toothpaste may not be enough to restore your teeth to their beautiful white color. Dr. Gielincki is a prominent prosthodontist in Jacksonville, FL who specializes in teeth whitening. If you have always wanted a brilliantly white smile that dazzles everyone around you, here are some reasons to consider professional whitening.

Get Professional Grade Results

In recent years, the popularity of home whitening kits has exploded. Unfortunately, they do not provide the same results as professional whitening. When you visit our prosthodontist, he will utilize a professional grade whitening solution that is significantly stronger than the over-the-counter solutions. Our whitener is far more powerful and capable of giving your teeth a deep whitening in a relatively brief period of time.

Eliminate Pain and Discomfort

A trained prosthodontist understands that everyone has a different level of tooth sensitivity. If you fail to apply the correct amount of bleaching agent, or it remains on your teeth too long, you could experience a very unpleasant sensation. A dental practitioner knows how much agent to use, and how long it needs to remain on your teeth. This can ensure a painless, comfortable whitening experience.

Remove Deep, Stubborn Stains

Over-the-counter whitening kits oftentimes lack the ability to remove deep, stubborn stains from your teeth. Stains caused by the acid in our foods and beverages are notoriously difficult to remove. These stains, however, cannot stand up to professional whitening techniques.

Call Us

If you are ready to get the smile of your dreams, our office is ready to help you explore your professional whitening options. Our procedures will remove unsightly stains, and take your smile to the next level. Call Dr. Gielincki at our Jacksonville office to schedule an appointment.

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