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The Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry has over 30 years of experience working with patients to achieve the dental results that they desire. From small improvements such as porcelain veneers complete dental makeovers, Dr. Rodriguez is experienced with all facets of dentistry and can bring you the smile and dentition that you desire.

Before & After

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitation case1 beforefull mouth rehabilitation case1 after
full mouth rehabilitation case2 beforefull mouth rehabilitation case2 after
full mouth rehabilitation case3 beforefull mouth rehabilitation case3 after
Before & After

Permanent Dental Bridge

dental patient
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permanent dental bridge case1 beforepermanent dental bridge case1 after
permanent dental bridge case2 beforepermanent dental bridge case2 after
Due to a forceful bite, Tom had fractured his temporary bridge several times. The repairs became excessively expensive and time-consuming until Tom’s dentist referred him to a specialist, [the Jacksonville Center] was able to provide him with the final solution of a permanent zirconium bridge and Tom’s bridge hasn’t fractured since!

Currently a new patient of Dr. Rodriguez. I was referred by two Jacksonville dentists who I am being treated by. Both gave very good recommendations for [the Jacksonville Center] and their known abilities working on patients with full dental implants. I am pleasantly satisfied after my initial consultation and two appointments to the professionalism of [the Jacksonville Center] staff. From the front desk staff to his dental assistants they are pleasant, accommodating and a delight to interact with. His office has a welcoming atmosphere putting any new patient at ease. I highly recommend [the Jacksonville Center] to anyone in the greater Jacksonville, Fl. community to this remarkable professional.


Before & After

Reconstructive Dentistry

reconstructive dentistry case1 beforereconstructive dentistry case1 after
reconstructive dentistry case2 beforereconstructive dentistry case2 after

This smile transformation required orthodontic treatment and implant placement before the final restorations were fabricated. Porcelain veneers, crowns, and implant crowns were utilized to make this smile beautiful.

Before & After

Custom Dentures

dentures case1 beforedentures case1 after
dentures case2 beforedentures case2 after
dentures case3 beforedentures case3 after
Before & After

Full Mouth Reconstruction

This smile transformation required orthodontic treatment and implant placement before the final restorations were fabricated. Porcelain veneers, crowns, and implant crowns were utilized to make this smile beautiful.

full mouth reconstruction case 4 beforefull mouth reconstruction case 4 after
fixed hybrid dentures case1 beforefixed hybrid dentures case1 after
Before & After

Fixed Hybrid Denture

This smile transformation required orthodontic treatment and implant placement before the final restorations were fabricated. Porcelain veneers, crowns, and implant crowns were utilized to make this smile beautiful.

Before & After

Multiple Crowns

multiple crowns case1 beforemultiple crowns case1 after
multiple crowns case2 beforemultiple crowns case2 after
multiple crowns case3 beforemultiple crowns case3 after

This patient had worn down his teeth from years of clenching and grinding. Treatment required multiple crowns on all the front teeth and most of the back teeth. An occlusal guard was also made to prevent further damage.

Before & After

Multiple Crowns

multiple crowns case4 beforemultiple crowns case4 after
multiple crowns case5 beforemultiple crowns case5 after
Before & After

Multiple Crowns

multiple crowns case6 beforemultiple crowns case6 before
multiple crowns case7 beforemultiple crowns case7 after
Before & After

Permanent Dental Bridge

permanent dental bridge case3 beforepermanent dental bridge case3 after
permanent dental bridge case3 beforemultiple crowns case4 after

This patient had been dissatisfied with previous dental treatment and wanted alternative treatment options that would both satisfy her needs and avoid a complete denture. Dr. Rodriguez was able to meet the patient’s needs with an implant supported fixed prosthesis.

After a very bad experience with a dentist who really messed up my mouth, Dr. Rodriguez was able to put a smile back on my face. Although I was extremely nervous after the horror I had with my previous dentist, Dr. G. quickly put me at ease. He’s never hurt me like the ‘other guy’ did. And, he is very thorough, exact, and professional in every aspect. His staff is very nice, too. My insurance claims are always filed immediately and they keep on top with my appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez and his staff to my friends and family!


Before & After

Orthodontics & crowns

orthocrown case1 beforeorthocrown case1 after
orthocrown case2 beforeorthocrown case2 after

After neglecting his oral health in his youth, this patient’s teeth had become severely stained, worn down, and malpositioned. He wanted a nice healthy smile. After orthodontic treatment and crowns, he has the smile he always wanted.

Before & After

Traditional Dentures

After 20 years without dental care, this patient’s natural teeth were hopeless and unfortunately lost. He was treated with custom-made traditional dentures.
dentures case4 afterdentures case4 after
Before & After

Crowns & Periodontal Therapy

crowns case1 beforecrowns case1 after
crowns case2 beforecrowns case2 after

This patient came to Dr. Rodriguez in the hope of getting his severely worn teeth back to normal. His smile was successfully restored with ceramic crowns and periodontal therapy.

I am a 67 year old male, who had severely worn teeth. I had put off the necessary work, not knowing how extensive or limited the correction might be, and the durability and comfort of the results. My first meeting with Dr Rodriguez, convinced me he was an experienced, knowledgeable person. He felt we could get good results, and presented me with a plan. Over the next few months, each step went just as he had indicated, with the final results far exceeding my hopes, both in presentation and comfort. On an ABC scale, I would rate the results A+, in every category.


Before & After

Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

implant bridge case1 beforeimplant bridge case1 after
implant bridge case2 beforeimplant bridge case2 after

This patient had hopeless natural teeth but did not want traditional dentures. An implant supported fixed bridge was fabricated instead.

Before & After

Full Arch Implants

full arch case1 beforefull arch case1 after
full arch case2 beforefull arch case2 after

Smile Makeover for a patient who had periodontial disease and failing dention. Teeth were removed and temporarily replaced with conventional dentures. After bone grafting and implants were placed permanent teeth were fabricated. Smile was restored with a fixed porcelain fused to metal bridge utilizing 8 implants on the top and a lower fixed hybrid (acrylic denture teeth on a custom titanium bar) on 8 implants.

Before & After

Natural Looking Dentures

This patient came to our office because of the compromised condition of her teeth. An immediate denture was fabricated to replace the maxillary teeth. The mandibular anterior (lower front) teeth were restored and a mandibular partial denture was fabricated to replace the posterior (back) teeth.

dentures case5 beforedentures case5 after
Before & After

Porcelain Veneers

veneers case1 beforeveneers case1 after
veneers case2 beforeveneers case2 after

Patient had missing teeth, failing dentition and unsatisfactory aesthetics. After bone grafting, implants were placed to replace missing teeth. The appearance of the front teeth were greatly improved with porcelain crowns (caps) on the top and composite restorations on the lower teeth. Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridge completed the reconstruction and smile transformation.

Before & After

Porcelain Crowns

crowns case3 beforecrowns case3 after
crowns case4 beforecrowns case4 after

This patient wanted to improve the appearance of his smile by closing the spaces between the front teeth and whitening the yellow discoloration. Closing the spaces between teeth is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The use of veneers eliminated the need for this patient to wear braces. The bleaching process dramatically improved the color of his teeth and smile. It is very cost effective and usually produces great results.

I have used Dr. Rodriguez for 8 year for both routine dental work and for some veneers on my front 4 top teeth. He and his team are stellar. Not only do they take great care of me but every bit of work they’ve done has been very high quality. The crowns they’ve done when needed are very life-like whereas I’ve had other dentists place on rather nebulous smooth covers. He is informative, patient, and very skilled. I strongly recommend Dr. Rodriguez to anyone who needs a dentist or would like to upgrade to a better one!


Before & After

Composite Fillings

crowns case3 beforecrowns case3 after
crowns case4 beforecrowns case4 after

This patient had previously underwent extensive orthognathic surgery and orthodontic treatment. She had missing teeth, unsatisfactory aesthetics and compromised chewing ability. The appearance of her front teeth was improved with porcelain crowns. Three missing teeth were replaced with implant crowns. One tooth was replaced with a conventional porcelain fused to metal bridge. Back teeth were replaced with porcelain fused to metal crowns to complete the full mouth reconstruction.

Before & After

Smile Makeover

smile makeover case1 beforesmile makeover case1 after
smile makeover case2 after
smile makeover case3 beforesmile makeover case3 after
This patient was dissatisfied with the looks of her worn and discolored metal based partial denture. Her new one looks much better.

An overall A+ experience.

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Rodriguez and I recommend him to anyone with dental needs. Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, my smile now makes me feel confident rather than embarrassed. The office personnel are professional and made me feel comfortable. The front desk receptionist Lindsey was especially helpful, fitting me into the schedule as soon as she could!


Before & After

Smile Makeover

dental patient smiling
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smile makeover case 4 beforesmile makeover case 4 before
smile makeover case 5 beforesmile makeover case 5 after

This is the case of young high school student with a congenitally missing tooth and a peg lateral. Her missing tooth was treated with an implant and veneer. Her peg lateral was treated with a crown- a simpler alternative to orthodontic treatment and an implant supported crown.

Absolutely in love with the work Dr. Rodriguez did for me! I feel very confident in my smile now! Highly recommended!


Before & After

Smile Makeover

sm case1 beforesm case1 after
sm case2 beforesm case2 after

This patient developed spaces between her teeth as a young adult and wanted to know her options apart from orthodontic treatment. Her spacing was closed with veneers on her four front, upper teeth, giving her a great smile.

Dr. Rodriguez did an amazing job! He gave me a beautiful new confident smile! I appreciate his artistry and that he strived to achieve the exact results I wanted. Office staff is very nice and helpful too. Thank you Dr. Rodriguez! I can’t stop smiling!!!


Before & After

Smile Makeover

This patient had completed orthodontic treatment but was dissatisfied with her resulting smile. Desiring something more aesthetically pleasing, she was treated with bleaching and a combination of crowns and veneers for increase in the size and length of her teeth to obtain a dramatic improvement.

Everything was 100% AWESOME. I highly recommend Dr. Rodriguez. He made me feel completely comfortable during my treatment and I smile all the time now!


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