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Postponing treatment can make problems worse

Sedation dentistry takes the worry out of dentistry.

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Experiencing Anxiety or Fear About a Dental Visit?

Millions of Americans postpone or forego preventative, cosmetic and tooth replacement procedures each year out of fear or anxiety. While seemingly harmless, refraining from receiving proper care can prove unhealthy long-term. In addition, cost associations and more extensive work may be required the longer treatment is put off. The Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry offers various sedation dentistry options to ensure our patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire visit. Here, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive care no matter your concerns.

There's No Need to Worry Anymore

If you’ve been putting off getting a dental procedure, it’s now time to set aside those concerns. The Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry’s use of sedation dentistry will prevent your anxiety from sabotaging your oral health by reducing pain and alleviating fear in the dentist’s chair. Sedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL is simply the use of pharmacological agents to calm and relax a patient prior to or during their appointment.

Sedation dentistry uses sedatives to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental appointment. Sedatives work by depressing the central nervous system, specifically those areas concerned with conscious awareness. There are different degrees of central nervous system depression, each corresponding to a level of relaxation which ranges from minimal, moderate to deep sedation.

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Minimal sedation with nitrous oxide is used for patients who have reduced anxiety and wish to respond to verbal or physical stimulation. Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas breathed in through a nose mask. Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide will produce a feeling of calm or well-being. At room temperature, nitrous oxide is a colorless, non-flammable gas with a slightly sweet odor and taste. Unlike oral or IV sedation dentistry options, you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

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Oral Sedation

With moderate sedation achieved through a prescribed pill taken before the appointment, the patient is even more relaxed and will respond to purposeful stimulation. You may feel sleepy from this more moderate form of sedation but it allows you to relax early, preventing fears or anxieties that might occur on the way to your visit.

Don't Put off The Dental Care You Need Any Longer

The longer you wait to take care of your lingering dental issues, the worse – and more expensive – they can get. With sedation dentistry and the advances in dental procedures, dental anxiety can finally become a thing of the past. Don’t let your fear hold you back, get the dental care you need today by scheduling an appointment online.

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