3 Ways Dental Implants are an Investment in Your Future

If you have missing teeth you may already be weighing your options for replacing them. It is very tempting to look at the initial “bottom-line” cost of replacement options like bridges, dentures, or dental implants and choose the one that is the least expensive. However, upon taking a closer look, you will find how investing in dental implants now can actually save you money in the long run.
  1. Planning for Replacement
If you are thinking about replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge then you should also consider the costs of replacing that bridge every five to 15 years. They are an excellent solution, but no matter how well-made your bridge is or how good your oral hygiene habits are, dental bridges have a lifespan. In addition, surrounding healthy teeth will have to be ground down to accommodate your dental bridge, leaving these additional teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and additional procedures.
  1. Maintenance
Bridges and dentures replace missing teeth but they do not preserve your jaw bone. As time goes on, your bone will shrink, requiring new bridges or dentures to allow for a better fit. Not only does this maintenance incur more costs for you, but the cost of relining and remaking dentures as well as maintaining bridges may increase over time. Dental implants are a one-time cost that will not be repeated.
  1. The Problem of Missing Teeth
You may think that you will save money by not replacing your missing tooth at all, however the consequences of missing teeth such as teeth drifting out of place, bone loss, and misalignment can lead to costly procedures. Misaligned teeth can increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, breakage, teeth becoming loose, and tooth loss.  Invest in your health and save money on dental healthcare throughout the rest of your life. Dental implants are an ideal long-term and cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth and preserving your quality of life. If you have missing teeth in Jacksonville, FL call our office to schedule your consultation with prosthodontist Dr. William Gielincki today.

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