4 Steps of a Smile Makeover

When you are considering investing in reconstruction of your smile, you want to choose a provider who is committed to excellence and patient satisfaction. Our staff of caring doctors and medical professionals can offer exemplary service to help you get the smile you desire. A smile makeover may be exactly what you need to regain the lost confidence that comes with major tooth problems. Dr. William Gielincki can walk you through the steps that come with a new smile and tooth restoration procedures. We provide full mouth reconstruction in Jacksonville, FL to patients who are looking for a new reason to smile. Here are the stages you can expect in this process.

1. Consultation

Dr. Gielincki starts with a consultation appointment, so he can evaluate your oral health, teeth and gums. We also want to make sure to fix any problems, such as tooth decay, in order to give your mouth the best possible chance of looking and feeling great.

2. Planning

Next, the doctor will work with you to create digital images of your teeth and construct a possible preview of what you can expect after treatment. A specific plan is created that addresses your mouth’s needs.

3. Preparation

After these first two steps, we are then ready to proceed with the stages of your individual treatment. Depending on what therapy you choose, your teeth and gums may need to have various products applied, or a mold of your teeth may need to be made.

4. Treatment

Lastly, during the actual treatment part of your procedure, your dentist will begin to restore your teeth. Whether you choose implants, crowns, veneers or some other option, you can finally be confident with a great smile when it is all over.

If you want to explore the different services we offer for tooth restoration, call us at (904) 281-0658. Dr. Gielincki can help you get your mouth back in prime condition.

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