5 Reasons You May Need a Sleep Apnea Intervention

Sleep apnea is a common problem affecting millions of people at night and their partners. If you have always accepted the fact that you have sleep apnea and ignored it, you may want to reconsider this. Sleep apnea problems could lead to more issues if left untreated. Getting help to stop sleep apnea is possible if you know where to look. Many snorers have found a solution by exploring options with their dental specialist. Dr. William Gielincki is a prosthodontist in Jacksonville, FL with experience treating this all too common issue. Here are some reasons why you should think about getting treatment. 1. Sleep Problems A problem with sleep apnea could lead to serious sleep interruptions. Frequent wakeups, tossing and turning, and poor quality sleep are some of the issues that snorers face each night. 2. Breathing Interruptions Your breathing could also be impacted with sleep apnea. This condition causes regular interruptions in the flow of oxygen and could even have you experience a long pause in breathing on a regular basis. 3. Increased Headaches Frequent snorers sometimes complain of an increased number of headaches. If you wake up with an aching head each morning, that could be a hint you frequently snore at night. 4. Chronic Fatigue Not getting a good night’s sleep may have you feeling much more tired during the day. Normal daily tasks, like work, school or driving could be impacted by your inability to stay focused and your increased fatigue. Getting treatment for this condition could improve how you feel during the day. 5. Heart Health Risks People with sleep apnea could also be at an increased risk of developing heart issues. Sometimes, it leads to higher blood pressure, which places more strain on an overworked heart. If you want to find out how to treat your nighttime breathing or sleeping problems, call Dr. Gielincki today. We can find out what may be causing your sleep problems and develop a solution to help.

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