A Better Way to Remedy Missing Teeth

Did you know that millions of Americans have experienced the loss of a permanent tooth? Though losing baby teeth is a natural part of growing up, permanent teeth are not replaced after they fall out, which makes their loss particularly problematic. Missing teeth can result in pain and discomfort when eating and speaking; patients who have lost teeth may also experience digestive problems as a result of not chewing food adequately. Dr. William Gielincki offers dental implants to Jacksonville, FL area patients who are looking for a solution to this important problem. With his help, patients can get back to enjoying their favorite foods again and socializing without worry.

The Difference a Tooth Makes

Teeth play an important role in overall mouth health. Chewing your food activates saliva, which is a necessary facet of the digestive process. Without adequate saliva, food becomes lodged in the small spaces of your teeth, which can stimulate the growth of bacteria. Teeth also break food down into an optimal size for swallowing and digestion. A missing tooth can make chewing difficult or painful, which is distressing for patients to experience on a daily basis.

Teeth also preserve the bone density of the jaw. When teeth are missing, bone density diminishes. Teeth adjacent to the missing space are most quickly affected and may suffer damage over time.

Dentures and bridgework have been the traditional remedies for lost teeth. Though these treatments are effective in many regards, dental implants have many important advantages that patients should be aware of.

Help From an Implant

Dental implants help people in many ways:

  • An implant restores tooth function, allowing for comfortable speech and eating
  • Dental implants are crafted to resemble surrounding teeth, so a natural appearance is maintained
  • These implants are highly durable and do not require frequent appointments to maintain
  • Implants are permanent and secure
  • Dental implants preserve jaw bone density

Learn More

Though dental implants have a lot to offer, not every patient is an ideal candidate. To learn if dental implants are right for you, make an appointment with Dr. Gielincki by calling (904) 688-5292.

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