All-on-4™: Who Are the Best Candidates?

Losing your teeth can be a difficult trial. Finding an effective replacement for those missing teeth can be equally difficult. There are currently many options available to patients, but certain medical conditions may keep some people from achieving the best possible outcome. All-on-4™ is a treatment option that is aimed at serving those who might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. While not all patients will qualify to receive the treatment, many may be able to find hope through this procedure.

About the Treatment

All-on-4™ is an implant supported denture system. It consists of a set of dentures, either for the top or the bottom jaw, which is secured to each jaw using just four implants. These implants provide all of the strength and stability that the dentures need in order to give the teeth proper function and support. This is especially ideal for patients with areas of low jaw bone density. By only requiring four strong areas for implant placement, many more patients may be able to receive the treatment.

Ideal Candidates

Most people who receive All-on-4™ are missing all of their teeth on the top, bottom, or both jaws. Patients must be in good health overall, and must be able to safely undergo surgery. Those who are interested in receiving dentures in Jacksonville, FL may be ideal candidates for the procedure.

While patients with bone loss are often ideal candidates, the amount and areas of loss may affect a patient’s eligibility for the procedure. It is vital that patients have four areas of sufficiently dense, healthy bone in which to place the implants, or the procedure will not be a success. If necessary, Dr. William Gielincki can help prepare patients’ jaw bones by performing soft tissue augmentation and bone grafting to build up the area.

The only true way to determine your eligibility for this treatment is to visit Dr. Gielincki for an evaluation. If you are in need of a tooth replacement option, contact his office at (904) 688-5292.

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