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If you’re in need of false teeth, for whatever the reason is, dental implants may be your option. Whether it be one tooth or several, dental implants can bring back your smile with a natural looking teeth/tooth. Dental implants are strong and permanent, so they are a great option for those who need dental replacements.

One immediate perk that is provided by dental implant surgery the strength. If you have lost a tooth and did not seek immediate attention, you may suffer from bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants bring back the strength to your jaw, and rebuild your face shape, instead of having the sunken look. If you have experienced significant bone loss, however, you may also need to go through bone grafting to restore bone in your jaw.

The Procedure

The actual dental implant procedure can be put quite simply. If you have lost a tooth, you will see that where the root of the tooth used to be is now a hole. If you leave the missing tooth alone the bone in your jaw will eventually weaken. This will change the shape of your jaw. Undergoing implant surgery is where a doctor inserts titanium rods into the hole where your tooth once was. Titanium is used because of its biocompatibility. Once the rod is inserted, an abutment is placed. The abutment is the piece that connects the rod to the cap. The cap is the last part of the procedure, where the tooth like piece is placed on. This new tooth will be shaped and colored to match your original teeth, or made to look how you want it to.

Ideal Candidates

You should visit a dental implant clinic to see if you are an ideal candidate for the dental implant procedure. X-rays will be necessary to see if you are a fit for this procedure, as it will allow the doctor to see your jawbone density. If you have any type of gum disease you need to have this treated before the procedure is carried out, to ensure your implant will withstand the surgery.

If you are missing teeth, or are losing jawbone density, call your doctor. From there, they will schedule you for a consultation appointment and check out if you are an ideal candidate to undergo this procedure.

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