Dreaming of White Teeth?

a patient smiling after his professional teeth whitening

Does the look of a brighter, whiter smile look appealing to you? Are you interested in experiencing such a smile? There are many ways to achieve a bright, white smile that can be done at home or in a dental office. There are traditional whitening procedures, and more innovative options. Many at-home and in-office options use peroxide solutions as whitening agents, varying from 10% to 43% in strength and concentration. These options are described in more detail below.

At-home whitening

At-home whitening procedures are often less expensive than in-office options. There are do-it-yourself options that can only be obtained from a dentist and require a dental impression to make custom-fitted trays that contour to your teeth. The trays may take up to two weeks to be produced, and while results can be good, these options may not always be covered by dental insurance.

Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products obtained at various stores, such as whitening strips, are the mildest whiteners with the lowest concentration of peroxide. Professional whitening agents, including take-home whitening trays and Zoom whitening, are much stronger. OTC options may be a good alternative to in-office treatment, however, they may not always offer the best results.

In-office whitening

Professional teeth whitening can offer long-lasting results in an expertly executed environment. Our practice can evaluate your teeth and determine the best treatment option for you to achieve your best, whitest smile. Be sure to choose a dentist and dental team that understands the importance of having a white smile free of darkened or drab teeth is to your overall look. They should be masters of esthetic dentistry and offer the best ways to get stunningly white teeth with staying power.

Maintain your beautiful new white smile by avoiding acidic, sticky, or dark colored foods and drinks that may stain the teeth, such as black grapes, candies, red wine, tomato products, or coffee. Our dental office can help you make the best decision to get the best, whitest smile possible.

Get a white smile today

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