How a professional dental checkup can give you a picture-perfect smile

Wanting to feel comfortable in our smile is a common feeling, but not one everyone consistently experiences. Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry can help you obtain great oral hygiene and get you the smile you want with simple and common procedures. Here are some common procedures they offer to ensure you stay healthy and feel great wearing your smile.

  • A professional cleaning is a simple and painless procedure that should be a part of everyone’s regular schedule. This procedure entails removing tartar and plaque from your teeth. An instrument is used to scrape it off your teeth. Once all the plaque and tartar are removed, the hygienist will use an electric brush to do a deep cleaning. The procedure is concluded with flossing and a fluoride treatment which will help fight against cavity development.
  • Teeth whitening is one the most sought out procedures among Americans and one of the most common procedures requested by patients. Almost anyone that has permanent teeth can qualify to have this treatment done. It is a painless procedure and leaves your teeth looking white and shiny for up to six months. It is important to try to avoid food and drinks such as coffee, wine, tomato sauce, and berries, as they can cause discoloration once your teeth have been whitened.
  • Composite fillings are a great option for patients who prefer their fillings to look natural. These fillings blend in with the natural teeth and contain no metal material. Composite fillings are also quite durable and can withstand the pressure of constant chewing.

All patients should continue to take care of their oral health by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Much of your oral health depends on your everyday habits. However, a regular visit to Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry is also key to maintaining good oral health, preventing infections or diseases, and getting the smile you want. 

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