How Do Dentures Feel and How Much Do They Cost?

When you have gone through life with the use of your own teeth, the thought of getting dentures may bring a few questions to mind. A common one that Dr. William Gielincki and the team at the Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry get is how dentures feel compared to using natural teeth and how much they cost.

Getting the Feel

Dentures are not your real teeth. Much like a dental bridge that supports a prosthetic tooth across a gap, dentures do not have nerves in them and simply rest in the space where the missing teeth are. They take some getting used to – the bottom ones essentially float on the gums while the upper ones require some sort of bonding material, such as a paste or an adhesive strip, to stay in place. You do not feel the teeth themselves, but you will likely feel pressure on your gums as you use the dentures.

Considering the Cost

The cost of dentures varies depending on many factors, such as materials and how many visits are needed for the procedures. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to go through the process of getting dentures, which may involve extracting any teeth that are falling out and using temporary dentures while the more permanent ones are being prepared.

Restoring More Than a Smile

Dentures do more than just restore your smile, however. They are an investment in yourself and boost your confidence. They help you to regain normalcy in your life by being able to speak and eat like you used to. The added benefit to being able to properly use your mouth again is that they also look great and make it easier to share your smile with the world.

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