How to Feel at Ease in the Dentist's Office

If you have been putting off a dental visit due to anxiety, it is time to stop. Not only are you doing your mouth a disservice, but prolonged dental issues can lead to other health problems. Whether you get nervous in any medical setting or a trip to the dentist specifically gives you anxiety, there are ways to receive an oral exam without so much stress. Here is a look at the two kinds of sedation dentistry you can find at Dr. Gielincki's office. The Pre-Procedure Pill Oral sedation is when you are prescribed a pill to take before your exam begins. This will relax you during your appointment but keep you awake enough to respond when spoken to. Taking this pill in advance can also alleviate your stress while heading to your appointment. This form of sedation does leave you feeling more tired than gas sedation and you should have someone drive you to and from your appointment. A Simple Nose Mask Another common sedation technique involves nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet smell and taste delivered through a small nose mask. You may have heard of nitrous oxide by another name; laughing gas. This chemical compound will slow your mental capacity down while keeping you awake enough to respond to and ask questions. It also lasts a short while and you should be ok to drive. Of these two options, speak to your hygienist and dentist to determine which is right for you. Sedation dentistry is a popular way to experience your dental appointment with less stress. This option lets you keep your mouth healthy while staying in control. At Dr. Gielincki's office, we understand you may feel some anxiety about seeing the dentist and we want to help. Schedule your appointment today and ask how sedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL could put you more at ease!

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