How to Fix a Broken or Decayed Tooth and Get Your Smile Back

Is a broken or decaying tooth making you self-conscious about your smile? This dental problem is dangerous for more reasons than just appearance. While a tooth that’s broken, chipped or is deteriorating isn’t attractive by any means, this issue can lead to more serious complications like gum disease and further tooth decay. Learn more about your options and what to do if you need a dental bridge or a dental crown in Jacksonville, FL, if you need to fix a problem tooth.

Consider Crowns

If there is still part of a tooth remaining, a crown may be a good choice to fix your dental issues. Crowns are basically protective caps on your teeth that fill in gaps, protect vulnerable or damaged teeth, and improve the look of a misshapen smile. Crowns are made to look nearly indistinguishable from real teeth, and you should have no problems chewing with them.

Be Open to Bridges

If you need to actually replace missing teeth, bridges may be right for you. Sometimes teeth are in such a bad state that extraction is the best thing to do. If you’ve had an extraction, a dental bridge can restore your old smile and help you keep your speaking and eating abilities. Dental bridges take relatively few visits to get and they are a very attractive, long-term method of fixing teeth.

Find a Medical Professional You Trust

At the Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, Dr. William Gielincki is well-versed in both of these dental repair options and can help you decide which one is right for your mouth and individual situation. Dr. Gielincki has years of experience restoring patients’ smiles and can help you if you need to fix a broken or decaying tooth. Don’t wait to deal with your tooth issue; waiting may only make it worse. Call us today at 904-688-5295 to start a conversation with Dr. Gielincki about handling your dental problems.

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