Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

History shows that individuals wanted healthful, whiter teeth as far back as 3,000 years ago. And today? There are dozens of teeth whitening products available in shops or online. And there are also the various procedures you’ll find at your dentist’s office: specialist tray whitening, light-triggered whitening, chairside teeth whitening and more.

Every one of these whitening procedures, however, has something at common – they are temporary. Eventually, you will need to re-whiten your teeth.

The foods we eat, genetics, aging, illnesses and other factors threaten the sought-after, bright-white luster we'd all like to flash in close-ups, speaking engagements, interviews, selfies and more.

What You’ll Get out of Whitening

The least invasive methods to keeping up a bright-white grin is through routine teeth whitening products and procedures such as laser whitening and bleaching in the dentist's office. 

With the teeth-bleaching path, either over-the-counter products or dental office services, you can expect roughly four months of whitened teeth before they begin to lose that extra luster. Because dental office whitening products will be stronger than over-the-counter offering, you can expect even better results in-office than at home.

Those fighting with tetracycline stained teeth or alternative dental ailments may need more advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments to obtain a whiter smile. There are also people who might want to attain a white level that's higher than what's achievable through traditional teeth bleaching. 

Talk to your dentist

While teeth whitening are not permanentmaking good dental hygiene practices a permanent part of your routine will mean you have to put much less effort into whitening your teeth.

Don’t hesitate to talk with your dentist about whitening options, especially if you intend to have other dental procedures done. When matching a new crown or filling to the current color of your teeth, you might want to consider how those improvements will look when you bleach the rest of your teeth.

Schedule a consultation to find out more about your options for teeth whitening in Jacksonville, FL or to get information on other cosmetic dental services.

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