Restore Your Smile This Holiday Season!

Do you want to feel good about your smile again? Are you tired of feeling self-conscious because you are missing teeth and want a viable option to replace them? If so, we can help. We understand the many benefits of dentures and want our patients to have all the choices they need to feel good about the way they look. We’ll help you choose a treatment option that fits your mouth, your budget and your lifestyle. What Are the Benefits of Dentures? Perhaps the most important benefit of dentures is that you get a boost in confidence. Even if you are missing one tooth like millions of other Americans, it can be difficult to feel good about yourself. Missing teeth can negatively affect every part of your life and we want to fix that. Additionally, when teeth are missing, the muscles in the face can often sag which changes the way your face looks. With dentures, you get a pearly white, beautiful smile that will resemble the look of your natural teeth and preserve your face muscles. When you are missing teeth, even simple everyday things like chewing your food can be a major hassle. With dentures, you can go through your daily life enjoying the foods you love without discomfort. With just a little bit of practice, it’s easy to eat foods like meat, caramel and everything else you love. Patients fall in love with dentures because of the low cost compared to other treatments. There are both partial and full denture sets depending on how many teeth you are missing. These are a cost-effective, simple way to ensure that your smile looks beautiful. While dentures must be replaced, they can last up to a decade if you care for them properly. Dentures should be handled carefully and brushed every day with a soft-bristled brush. When you go to bed they should be cleaned with a denture-safe solution. Contact Us If you are interested in repairing your smile and want to know where to start, contact our practice today. At Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, we are confident we have an option that will work for you!

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