How Sedation Dentistry Can Minimize Your Dental Anxiety

Are you overdue for a dental cleaning or treatment because you’re anxious about visiting the dentist? Don’t be too discouraged. It’s common for patients to be fearful about receiving dental care, especially if they have had previously painful or uncomfortable dental appointments. At Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, we want you to be comfortable and confident while receiving the care you need for good dental health. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry options that can keep you relaxed and calm during treatment. Sedation Dentistry Types We offer two different types of sedation for your convenience: nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Here is what you should know about both options:
  • Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide will help you feel at-ease both before and during treatment. It is also known as laughing gas and has a slightly sweet odor. It’s perfectly safe to breathe and promotes feelings of well-being. The effects of the gas wear off quickly after treatment, so you can drive yourself to and from your appointment if you want. You’ll remain alert and able to respond to verbal cues while receiving nitrous oxide sedation, but your anxious feelings will subside.
  • Oral Sedation: Unlike nitrous oxide, oral sedation comes in the form of a pill that you take about an hour before your appointment. It allows you to respond to directions from Dr. William Gielincki but will cause you to feel relaxed. You may also feel sleepy after receiving this type of sedation. It can take a while for the effects to wear off, so make sure you arrange a ride home from your appointment.
In addition to these sedation types, we also offer local anesthetic to effectively numb the treatment area before we perform any dental procedures. Our primary goal is to minimize your dental anxiety so you feel safe and calm during treatment. Call Today If you have dental anxiety, we have a solution that will allow you to get the dental care you need without feeling fearful. To schedule your sedation dentistry appointment today, contact us in Jacksonville, FL!

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