The Importance of Replacing Your Missing Teeth With Dentures

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you may have questions about dentures. Modern day denture appliances are much more realistic-looking than their predecessors and can provide you with an instantly improved, functioning smile. To help you understand the importance of replacing your missing teeth, here is some information you should know. Teeth Aren’t Just for Chewing It’s harder to eat the foods you enjoy when you’ve lost one or more teeth. However, the repercussions of tooth loss extend beyond decreased dietary options. When you lose your teeth, you also have a more difficult time communicating effectively and are more likely to suffer from diminished self-esteem. If you want to feel confident, speak clearly and eat more comfortably, dentures can help. Getting fitted with one or more denture appliances is one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth. Once you have dentures, it’s imperative to take good care of them so they last as long as possible. This includes cleaning them regularly and avoiding foods that are extremely chewy or crunchy. Prostheses are just as susceptible to damage as natural teeth, so care for them like you would care for your real teeth. What To Do if Your Dentures Don’t Fit Over time, the shape of your gum tissue and jaw bone can change after tooth loss. These changes can affect the way your dentures fit. If you notice they don’t stay on as easily or they don’t feel as comfortable as they used to in your mouth, schedule an appointment with Dr. William Gielincki. He is a respected prosthodontist who will examine your mouth and your denture appliances and provide you with a plan of action for rectifying the problem. Schedule Your Consultation Ready to learn more about dentures and how they can improve your smile? To schedule your consultation with Dr. Gielincki, contact the Jacksonville Center for Prosthodontist and Implant Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL today!

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