Top 7 Tips for First Time Denture Wearers

If you are considering dentures in Jacksonville, FL or are new to wearing dentures and have some concern or worry about what to expect, here are the top seven tips to help you through the adjustment period.

1. First, for the initial 24 to 48 hours, keep your dentures in your mouth. It may be difficult to talk, you will likely have an exaggerated production of saliva, and it may feel as if your dentures do not fit correctly. All of these issues are normal, and the sensations should dissipate after a few days.

2. Many new denture wearers report that eating foods gentle on your gums and teeth help make the adjustment process to dentures smoother. They recommend eating soft foods, such as ice cream, pudding, and mashed potatoes because your gums and parts of your mouth may be tender or sore.

3. Rinsing with warm salt water may help alleviate sore spots from the dentures as your mouth adjusts to having something foreign in it.

4. It is necessary to provide rest for your gums by removing your dentures at night. This gives them a break from the constant pressure of the dentures.

5. It is imperative that you wear your dentures every day even if you are experiencing soreness. Otherwise, your dentures will not fit because of bone and gum tissue variations.

6. Expect the bone and gum areas to recede over time, resulting in a space between the jaws. Because the denture doesn't change shape, adjustments are necessary to maintain a proper fit.

7. Just as tartar and stains form on natural teeth, the same applies to dentures. Clean your dentures daily to keep them odor-free and looking natural.

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