Using Sedation Dentistry to Treat Patients With Dental Anxiety

For many patients, the biggest obstacle to taking care of their oral health is dental anxiety, the fear of pain or problems at the dentist’s office that affects one’s ability to follow up on care. Luckily, sedation dentistry has provided options for patients who would normally let their oral care slip, so they can access the treatment they need to live happy and healthy lives. Dental Sedation History Using sedatives and anesthetics is nothing new to the dental profession, but in the past IV anesthetics and sedatives were mainly used during procedures that could cause a great deal of pain, and not for routine cleanings and other procedures. This was partly because of the risk involved in using those drugs. As time went on and milder but still effective sedatives became more available, options opened up for using sedation to help patients with anxiety. Regardless of the kind of appointment they are arriving at the office for. There are a couple options in use at Dr. Gielinki’s office. Nitrous Oxide Sedation Commonly called laughing gas, nitrous oxide provides patients with pain relief without long-lasting effects, making it ideal for those who can not afford to wait for hours until a pill wears off. It’s suitable for most procedures, and very few patients have difficulty with side effects. Nitrous oxide can be used in sedation dentistry even when the patient will drive shortly afterward. Oral Sedation Sometimes, nitrous oxide is not strong enough or the patient does have a hard time tolerating it, in which case an oral sedative can be prescribed to be taken before the appointment.
  • Take it about an hour before arrival
  • Have someone else drive you both ways
  • Communicate with the dentist if you experience any side effects
For more information about using sedation during your next dental appointment, contact our office in Jacksonville, FL and talk to one of our associates. You don't have to deal with dental anxiety anymore!

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