What Do You Need to Know About National Gum Care Month?

National Gum Care Month is here and dentists around the world are raising awareness for gum health. Many people, especially those over 65 years of age, are at risk of gum disease or currently suffer from it. However, very few people understand what dangers periodontal diseases have or even what the signs of their development are. This September, learn what to look for to keep your gums healthy.

What Are the Dangers of Gum Disease?

When oral diseases are ignored, it is usually out of ignorance about what threats they actually pose. In actuality, unhealthy gums can lead to many afflictions, all over the body. Through periodontal disease, bacteria and inflammation can enter the bloodstream, which can cause problems with:

  • the brain and nervous system
  • the heart
  • blood
  • joints

Your overall health depends on healthy gums. Learn what the signs for the development of gum disease are so you can recognize them immediately.

What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

It is not wise to simply rely on your dentist to catch periodontal disease. It is your responsibility to be aware and check for these symptoms. The most common signs are tenderness, swelling, or redness in the gums. If your gums are receded from the teeth or your teeth feel loose, it is also a signifier that your gums may be unhealthy. Of course, if you notice bleeding, you should make an appointment with your dental professional immediately. The best practice is to be aware of these signs and always be keeping an eye out for them so if you ever do develop periodontal disease, you will spot it early and get it treated.

Take Care of Your Gums

For National Gum Care Month, be sure to take the proper steps to keeping your gums healthy. Call (904) 688-5281 for more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. William Gielincki, your prosthodontist in Jacksonville, FL. Take the first step toward maintaining your oral and general health today!

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