Why Cavities Form

People of all ages are familiar with cavities, especially those who have young ones. Cavities can form at any point in time and is nondiscriminatory when it comes to age. To explain in layman’s terms, a cavity is a hole that forms in the tooth, caused by decay. This decay can form from excess plaque on the teeth and tends to come from buildup of sugar on the teeth; this is why cavities are typical for children.

Plaque is a substance that naturally forms on the teeth, but when it is left on the teeth for too long, acid begins to erode the enamel of the teeth. When enamel begins to erode, decay sets in. Luckily, if you are among the people that unfortunately experience a cavity in your lifetime, there are many options of repairing the tooth.

Cavities are typically repaired with a filling. A filling is a piece of biocompatible metal that fills the site of decay. If you’re looking for a more natural look, composite fillings are an option. Composite fillings fill the tooth, but are natural in color. If decay has set in and it was not noticed early, a filling may no longer be a solve. When decay has gone too far, your doctor may decide to place a crown on the tooth. This will ensure that the decay does not continue by covering the full tooth.

Because cavities are common for patients, it is important to notice the signs and symptoms of potential tooth decay. If you begin to notice toothaches and discomfort in the mouth, or begin to experience sensitivity to sugary foods, or food and beverage temperature, seek dental help. These are typical signs of tooth decay. If you aren’t noticing these signs, you may begin to notice a dark spot on your tooth, which could also be tooth decay.

Cavities can be fixed and is usually a routine procedure for a dentist. Set up an appointment with your dentist at the first sign of discomfort. Aches in the teeth don’t always equal having a cavity, but it is always a safe option to have your teeth checked by a professional to ensure you don’t worsen the situation.

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